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Moloney Monuments is a cemetery headstone supplier based near Newcastle West in Co Limerick. Founded by Darragh Moloney to provide the finest quality headstones and stone memorials at competitive prices. The company is a small family owned business in the heart of West Limerick. Moloney Monuments design, build and install a wide variety of gravestones, headstones, tombstones, monuments, memorial benches, granite memorials, limestone memorials or marble memorials and other stone markers that are placed over graves in cemeteries and graveyards throughout Munster.

A Stone Memorial is a Lasting Tribute that Acknowledges and celebrates the Life of Your Loved One

Headstone Cleaning

Moloney Monuments specialise in the restoration of headstones, older gravestones and grave surrounds. Grave...
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Custom Sculptures

Our craftsmen will sculpt your custom memorial or grave headstone to your unique specifications....
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Headstone Suppliers

Moloney Monuments draw on traditional techniques to create beautiful stone monuments. Choose from the...
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As a family owned monumental sculptors supplying headstones and graveside accessories, you are assured personal attention and service. Our extensive family experience in construction over many years compliments our skilled craftsmanship in the creation, installation and restoration of cemetery headstones. We have grown to become monumental masonry experts specialising in carving and etching funerary artwork, including the finest details in stone relief.

At Moloney Monuments, we draw on traditional techniques and blend them with modern technology to create beautiful stone monuments grave markers, memorials and gravestones. We will guide you from start to finish through the process of deciding on a lasting memorial tribute to a loved one through our services.

  • The traditional headstone and gravestone designers at Moloney Monuments can expertly create custom cemetery monuments with laser etched portraits or religious symbols.
  • We can include a framed photograph or cameo of the deceased on the headstones, monuments and gravestones we create.
  • Our cemetery monument designers use modern design software to incorporate different fonts, photos and religious symbolism.
  • We can deliver and install our quality headstones to cemeteries, graveyards or burial grounds throughout Munster and other areas of Ireland as well as provide headstone cleaning or headstone restoration and repairs.
  • Installation of graveyard headstones and monuments
  • Headstone design and customisation
  • Headstone inscription restoration or repainting
  • Insertion of cemetery lettering
  • Gravestone cleaning and renovation
  • Restoration of weathered headstones or monuments
  • Historical memorial monument creation and installation
  • Non-cemetery monuments and wall plaques
  • Burial plot surrounds and kerbing
  • Concrete grave liners, markers or vaults
  • Grave stone chippings, decorative pebbles or artificial grass
  • Grave accessories, wedges and plinths

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We are here to help with our experienced, compassionate and personalised service supporting you and your family in the creation of the right memorial tribute to your loved one.

Darragh Moloney and his staff will guide you through the process of choosing the right headstone memorial and creating the most suitable inscription and epitaph. Darragh and the Moloney Monuments craftsmen can design, manufacture and install bespoke memorials to commemorate children or adults, add new or update headstone inscriptions as well as repair headstones and provide a complete range of grave maintenance services.

Moloney Monuments is based near the town of Newcastle West in Co Limerick and work throughout the Mid-west region but are happy to provide our monument service anywhere in Ireland. If you require graveyard services or headstone prices anywhere in Ireland, please submit our Contact Form.

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For high quality affordable graveyard headstones, cemetery memorials or stone monuments anywhere in Ireland, Moloney Monuments would be happy to provide a no obligation quote. Please call Darragh at 086-252-9074 or send us your inquiry in the Contact Form.

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