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Some Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I order a headstone or memorial?

Visit our online catalogue, choose the headstone design, stone type or colour and submit the form for a quotation. You can include the wording for the inscription and the cemetery or graveyard name in the form. Choose a headstone from the comfort of your own home by browsing the wide selection in on our website headstone catalogue. If you are happy with our quote, we will take care of everything else for you, including local Council requirements and paperwork.

How to select a headstone?

When selecting a headstone, there are a few things you need to consider. First and most important, it is crucial to know the cemetery rules and regulations for headstones and memorials. Knowing this information will ensure that you will be able to order the right headstone for your loved one. Understanding your local cemetery rules, setting a budget and selecting the appropriate stone material or design, will make selecting the headstone and grave surround less stressful.

What is a headstone?

A typical Irish headstone, also known as tombstone, gravestone, or grave marker, is a monument placed at the head of the grave to mark the location where the deceased is buried and identify those interred.

In selecting a headstone, you need to consider the design, shape and material of the headstone. Also, consider the type of finish, the inscription (fonts used etc), as well as your budget. The final price of a headstone depends on the options and choices you make.

What types of headstones are available?

  • Flat Headstones (grass marker or flat marker) a flat tablet made of stone, concrete, or metal like bronze that is set flat in the ground. This type of grave marker used in newer cemeteries for easier lawn care but less common in older Irish graveyards is available in a variety of colors, finishes, materials and sizes. The inscription can be placed on the stone or the plaque attached to the stone.
  • Kerbed Headstone or grave surround is usually a full-length monument that lies flat across the grave plot and used in conjunction with an upright headstone.
  • Raised-top Flat Marker (bevel markers, sloped or rear desk tablet type) comprised of stone or block concrete slanted from the rear or with a sloping front face.
  • Upright Headstone is the most traditional headstone design still used in Ireland. It is inserted in the the ground usually with a concrete base and made from granite, marble, or limestone. A typical Irish headstone measures 45 inches tall (114 cm), 30 inches wide (76 cm), and 6 inches deep (15.24 cm).

Selecting the headstone size is easy at Moloney Monuments as our catalogue part numbers are based on the overall height of the headstone. For example, MM114P is 114 cms (45 inches) tall.

What materials are used in Irish headstones?

  • Bronze is an incredibly durable metal that will naturally darken over time and requires little maintenance. It is however one of the most expensive grave marker options.
  • Granite is the most popular stone used in Irish headstones today. It is extremely durable, available in different colors and finishes and is proven to last under Irish weather conditions. Due to its wide availability, granite is also more affordable and one of the cheapest options for gravestones.
  • Limestone remains a popular option in Ireland because of it’s connection with Celtic Crosses. It is a traditional Irish stone but weathers poorly and can degrade over time unless regularly maintained. Limestone is not as durable as marble or granite. The soft material makes it vulnerable to Irish weather, roadside pollution and environmental decay.
  • Marble is a bright material that contains unique blue and grey veins. It is often selected for aesthetic reasons. However, it is less common in Irish graveyards mainly because it does not weather well. In fact it will degrade easily and inscription lettering may not be readable unless maintained regularly. It lacks strength and longevity.
  • Stainless Steel – this is a newer type of headstone. Stainless is a sturdy material that is less susceptible to weathering compared with most stone materials.
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