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Are you arranging a burial or planning to buy a memorial monument? You can save time, money and anxiety by knowing local burial ground rules and regulations in advance.

Almost every burial ground or cemetery in Ireland has its own set of rules and regulations governing burials, burial plots, gravestones, headstones, monuments, ground aesthetics, and many other matters. In fact, even within cemeteries, different sections often have different rules. Some sections within one cemetery may allow upright monuments, while others may restrict plot borders, plot surrounds etc.

Before buying a burial plot, and before buying a monument or grave marker, be sure you have carefully reviewed your cemetery’s rules and regulations to ensure you understand how any rules and limitations may affect your memorial plans and objectives.

If you want a gravestone or memorial with a full grave surround this will increase headstone prices in Ireland. The extra cost includes digging and laying a concrete foundation and placing a matching surround in place. If you only require a headstone and base, then the headstone cost will be lower.

We are familiar with the rules, standards, guidelines, policies and regulations at many cemeteries and graveyards in Limerick and the Mid-west in general.

For information about cemetery or graveyard rules, policies, standards, monument or headstone guidelines and regulations at cemeteries in your area, contact us at Moloney Monuments and we will do our best to help.

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